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Looking for other alternative lake tours around Cikarang Kab. Bekasi? It feels like this tourist destination is worth trying, Yep, it's called Arjuna Samba Lake Tourism, located on Jl. Raya Tambelang, Sukaasih, Sukatani.

To reach the location of Arjuna Samba Lake is quite easy, for those of you who come from the direction of Cikarang turn at the Pillar T-junction towards Sukatani, then just go straight towards Sukatani and at the Warung One intersection turn left and just follow the road. It is on the left side of the road.

Arjuna Samba Lake Tourism offers a lake tourism concept as well as their unique culinary, namely Bakso Gila. To be able to enjoy the tour here is not subject to an entrance ticket, but as compensation you are asked to pay for parking and game tickets only and it is strictly forbidden to bring food and drinks from outside.

Arriving at the location, the first thing you and your family will do is find a location to sit down. Arjuna Samba Lake Tour offers a comfortable sitting location to live according to your taste whether you want to sit down or sit. Arjuna Samba packs a rest area with the concept of a bamboo hut.

To order food, don't expect a waiter to come over and offer a menu. At the Arjuna Samba Lake Tour, food orders are self-service, you just have to come to the food ordering counter, then pay, and pick up the food. Even though you have to wait a little in line if the number of visitors who come is busy.

The price is fairly affordable, one portion of Bakso Gila is set at the most expensive at IDR 20,000, while the Nasi Rames menu is set at the most expensive at IDR 25,000 per portion. For drinks, you can say that an average of Rp5,000 is hit. So it's pretty cheap.

While enjoying the atmosphere of Arjuna Samba Lake, you and your family can also enjoy the various games available, such as the Duck Boat with a ticket price of IDR 25,000 for 1 duck boat containing 2 people or for those of you who want to enjoy the lake without having to tire of pedaling, you can also take a boat with ticket IDR 15,000 / person. Another game that can be enjoyed is the Mini Becak with a ticket price of IDR 20,000 / becak / hour.

For those of you who want to take your family on vacation at a fairly affordable cost, you can consider visiting Lake Arjuna Samba to enjoy as much. Still confused about the location? You can use Google Maps by typing "lake arjuna samba" then you will be guided to the location.

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