Youtuber VS Blogger Earnings? This is a comparison detail between the two

If we talk about freelance work or earning money online from google adsense, of course, we must have a careful comparison of what work we will do.

It's the same as getting income from Google Adsense. Because so far in 2021 to be more precise, to be able to get income from Google Adsense, there are three ways you can do them:

Blog Adsense Earnings
Adsense Admob
Youtube Adsense
If you explain in detail the comparison between bloggers and youtubers can be said to be the same and almost equal, depending on who you will earn the income.?

how could that be ?

If you ask the admin, of course, I will answer more blogger income than youtuber for google adsense income.

Meanwhile, some YouTuber friends also said that YouTubers earn more than bloggers.

Then which is the real data...?
More income youtuber or blogger if we play on google adsense ....?

Before discussing it further, understand some of the things below for consideration and also a comparison of the two.

Difference between Adsense Blog and Youtube

The first adsense ad service provider is present on the blogger platform or website. Because adsense was first present on the blog, then the admin will discuss the income from the adsense blog first.

What is Adsense Blog?

Adsense blog is Google's advertising service that is displayed on blogs or website pages that are hosted online and can be accessed via the internet.
This means that you must use a blog or website that can be accessed online.

If the website or blog that you create can only be accessed offline or using localhost then the Adsense blog will not be able to run there.

While the way adsense blogs work is through ad serving that is relevant to the content that appears on certain pages on your blog that is online.

For example, if your blog discusses "Treding" usually adsense ads will adjust automatically, so that trading ads and the like can appear on the post.

Another example, if for example your blog discusses technology, then the ads that will be displayed by Google Adsense are technology ads such as smartphones and other technologies.

At this stage, you can understand how Adsense displays ads on website pages and blogs. OK, let's move on to the second one below.

What is Youtube Adsense?

YouTube Adsense is one of the easiest sources of income for YouTubers (people who share video content on YouTube).
The way it works to become a partner or partner for YouTube adsense is that users are required to be able to collect 1,000 subscribers and get 4000 hours of video viewing in 1 year brackets.

From every video that you upload on YouTube later, Google Adsense will adjust itself about the ads that will be displayed on each of your videos.

The more people who watch videos on your YouTube channel, the more opportunities for Adsense ads to get.

Especially if viewers click on ads or watch video ads without skipping, you will get a bigger income there.

Even so, you as a youtube adsense publisher are not allowed to use fraudulent methods to increase ad clicks or watch ads on your youtube videos.

Then what is the difference between the two?

Difference Between Blog Adsense and Youtube Adsense

Adsense blogs can only be run on websites or blogs such as blogspot, wordpress, joomla and also self-developed websites which will then be reviewed for feasibility by the adsense team.

Is the blog or website worthy of serving ads or not. To find out the terms and conditions, please read the full blog adsense policy

While youtube adsense are ads that can only be displayed on video content that you upload on youtube.

If you want this Adsense ad to be able to run on both devices, namely blogs and YouTube, you have to apply for a second time.


Here I can conclude that the Adsense blogger income is much bigger than the Adsense Youtuber.

The good thing about Blogger is that even though there are few ads, it has a lot of clicks so that the income from Google Adsense is large.

While YouTube is good, it can produce a lot of ad impressions from just one video so you can get a lot of RPM which will be converted into income

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